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You CAN Eat Food that is 18 Years Past it’s sell-by date


“Use by” – “Best before” – “Sell by”   The label has faded to illegibility, there’s a shameful layer of dust on the lid, and the ‘best before’ stamp predates your firstborn child. Who hasn’t got some of these ancient food relics hanging around at the back of the cupboard, or buried deep in the

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Grocery recovery stores – a win for both manufacturers and consumers


For various reasons, manufacturers are often faced with surplus stock.  The most common reason is short-dated or expired food items that are returned by retailers or has too short a period before the sell-by date to send into the trade.  Nonetheless, these items retain their properties for reasonably long periods after the published best before


Selling food past its best-before date: Company discovers new market


People need to be educated about best before dates    Educating consumers about best-before dates and how they can lead to wasting good food, can benefit consumers. “There is a rule of thumb that about 25% of people are very price sensitive. Now that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily from the lower-income groups or


SA Shoppers Ignore “Best By” In Quest For Best Buy


“Best buy” vs Best buy South Africa’s Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman, Neville Melville, said there was merit in selling certain foods after their best-before dates.   “But because of the drought, we’ve seen that food inflation has exceeded and will continue to exceed”   Read the full article here.